What Makes A Car Buffing Machine Good?


For car owners and enthusiasts who spend a hefty amount of money on revitalizing their car’s paint, there is another way for you to still do this by splurging just one time. That is to purchase your car buffer or car polisher. With this machine, you would not want to worry anymore about tough to remove stains and scratches.

Now, that you have decided to take this step, your next logical question is what makes a certain car buffer great? There are several characteristics that a car polisher should have before you decide on purchasing it. There is nothing wrong with being wary about what to purchase, after all, it would be responsible for taking care of your vehicle’s exterior appearance.

It Can Be Used on Different Surfaces

Car polishers could go as expensive as hundreds of dollars and of course, you would want it to be used for other than your car so you would get the most out of your money. Some car polishers also work on boats and other metal surfaces.Choose a car polisher from the range of car buffing machines that can be used on a variety of surfaces because at least it’s multi-purpose.

It Can Be Operated at Various Speeds

Polishing your family car could also be a teachable moment with your children on the importance of hard work and the value of money. You could make it as one of their chores to earn their weekly allowance. With that in mind, choose a car buffer that could be operated at various speeds for your kids not to be overwhelmed when they are operating it.

Dual Side Handle

Since we would want our car polisher to be multi-purpose, a polisher that has a dual side handle is ideal because then it would be used by someone left-handed. Even if you are right-handed, you know who else would be using the machine. Your friends or relatives might ask to borrow it and your car buffer should be easy to use and flexible.


It doesn’t have to be cordless but there are numerous benefits to it being cordless. It would be easier for you to buff your car because there is not a cord that hinders you when you are doing the polishing, the possibility of you or someone tripping over the cord is also reduced significantly and you don’t need to have your car near a socket. But of course, the only hassle for a cordless buffer is that you could not just use it when you want because you always need to make sure that the battery is charged before you start using it.

If it is your first time using a car polisher on your own, choose also a model that is easy to use for beginners and durable. At least, you would not have a hard time learning how to use it and if you dropped it accidentally, it would be sturdy to sustain the damage.

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