Choose A Clutch with Style


Clutch purses are a common accessory these days. But sometimes we might feel like we’re not exactly carrying the right clutch purse. Sometimes it can throw off our entire outfit. This happens because we choose the wrong clutch. So how to pick the best clutch for the best occasion but also match our personal style? Checkout below to find out.


This might not be the first thing we think of when shopping for a bag or a purse, but it matters a lot. When it comes to picking a good clutch purse, then think opposite to your body shape. This means, a soft clutch purse suits better for a purse who is thin and/ or tall. For someone who is plus-sized, a sleek purse with defined edges – like an envelope shaped purse – will be a better choice.


The size of the clutch is another thing that matters. Trying cram in everything you need to carry into your clutch purse is a mistake most of us are guilty of. But if this makes your clutch looks overfilled and puffed up, it can ruin your look. So, when shopping, make sure to pay attention to not just style but also purpose. If you have a few extra items to carry, then don’t choose overly small clutches. Instead pick something with enough space.


Choosing the right colour is a part of ensuring your outfit is on point. So put a little effort when looking the right clutch colour. Although you don’t have to match it with the exact colour as your shoes, make sure the shoes and the bag/ purse you carry coordinate in colours. If you are someone who does not like to own a few extra clutches for every occasion or I you are shopping on a budget, then have one or two clutch purses in neutral shades like tan or taupe.


If it is an event where you might have to be a little busy, opt for a clutch with a strap so you don’t have to worry about losing your belongings. A sleek purse will go with many casual outfits – especially leather ones. But a purse that has a little metallic look or is adorned with a jewel or a bit of glitter/ shine then that is best suited for a party where you are in a dressy outfit. Check out to see their large collection of clutch purse to match every elegant occasion.


All the looks and the glamour doesn’t matter if the purse is not done right. Never be sloppy or lazy when it comes to shopping for anything. Pay close attention to the stitches and/ or glue used to make and decorate the purse.

Check if your strap is in good condition and if it is a detachable strap, check the buckles too. If there are small details like beads or glitter, always pay attention to the details because beads and other small decorative items easily fall off in products that are not well made or not taken care of.

Even if this is something that is very small, sometimes it can be the reason that your overall look seems unflattering. So, while choosing the purse that you love, also remember to be smart about it.

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