Why it is necessary to be prepared for cyber-attacks – commercial perspective


The internet is un-doubtfully is quite resourceful in many ways. Without that, most of the businesses of the modern world just would not function in the best way. At the same time, the risks that it brings to the picture is quite scary – too scary to a point, disregarding that could result in irreversible consequences.

Nonetheless, there are countless online shopping, online banking and even professions that are solely focused and dependent on the internet. Because in the end of the day, not upgrading yourself with the technology can be a massive mistake. But why is it so necessary to be prepared for so-called cyber-attacks?

#1 – The sheer frequency

In the year 2019, there were an average of 6 cybercrimes per hour and over 20,000 businesses attacked. Hence, it is quite clear that the frequency of cybercrime has drastically increased over the years. When your organization is coexisting with the affected ones, it is only a matter of time that you are attacked in the same way. Because as long as your organization has things that are worth taking away, it is a crystal-clear target.

The reason why most of the organizations that at least has one computer takes information security is since if they get into wrong hands, your organization is highly likely to suffer some serious damages. You can take a moment and think about all the ways that things could go wrong if your company’s or organization’s sensitive data and information were looted due to poor defense again cybercrime. What are the most practical ways to combat this issue?

For an example, let us assume that your web application are not encrypted. The simplest way to verify this is by looking at the start of the URL – if it is HTTP, it is not secured and anyone with the right tools and skills can break in and steal your information. If it is HTTPS instead, where the last S stands for secure, even one could interfere, the decryption will not be able to be done. This is one of the mandatory ways to ensure the protection of the credit card, debit card and other sensitive information that is circulated during online transactions.

#3 – The longer you wait, the worse it gets

When you are cyberattacked, you will always have a considerable period of time to fix everything, no matter how severe the condition is, most of the time. Although this talks about a post-attack situation, there are countless occasions when you are getting clear signals of breaching, before it actually happens. If you did not have your designated cybercrime Incident response professionals at disposal, you will have to do damage control, which is going to be both costly and nuisance of a thing to do. So, at an occasion of a breach, don’t hope for the best and wit.

Cyberattacks should not be disregarded at any cost. Hence, the simple conclusion here is that – yes, you should take all the possible steps to safeguard your organization of all kinds of cybercrime.



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