The unprecedented act of domestic Violence in Sydney

Immigrants Violence

It was until day light that the body of women was found. This was a good for Australian Justice. Our
democratic society protect the rights of all, the conviction that came two months ago was a relief. The
culprit was finally sent to jail. However in this country, where women are supposed to be free but they
have become targets.

A victim was Sidra Mumtaz who lived at crown street Sydney NSW with her family. The neighbors
claimed that children of her siblings were living like prisoners in the house. In exclusive interview with
young man who fell in love with the victim couldn’t even save her. He stated that “she warned me to
stay away for a short span, as she had some conflicts arising in her house, if her father and brother finds
out about their relation, she would get killed.”

Six months ago during her studies in Sydney High School. A shy beginning of romance has taken place.
She was 18 and newly arrived from Kabul (Afghanistan). Her father was rich enough to qualify investor
immigrant program and invested $300 thousand dollar to buy a land for residency. The victim family
lived in one the most cosmopolitan and liberal cities in the world. But inside the house, it was still an
afghan tradition. She was asked to refrain from any indulgence which may disrespect their family.
Her family went to Dubai for business trip, Leaving Sidra behind under the custody of her brother
(Ahmed). She made a mistake of sneaking her boyfriend into the house. Ahmed went crazy and
threatened her boy and his sister in his own way and he made sure to discuss this matter with his
parents. So his brother had stopped her from going to school.

For almost a year her boyfriend has lost his contact with her for almost a year. And she never returned
to school. But her young sister Sahara was still studying in a same school. She kept telling about the
condition of her sister to the teacher. School called the child welfare officers to help her and they were
sent to approach her but when the authorities and police arrived to the victim’s house. The children told
them about the repression and abuse. But again the intervention was not recommended by the family.

The dispute arose between Sidra and her boyfriend .After couples months; she had another boyfriend,
which she kept this matter a secret. But unfortunately she had been caught from her brother with her
another boyfriend. 0n January 2019 the dead body was found in afghan house. The coverage of her
murder story has been widespread through media on newspapers and the top stories. Since the case
involved Afghan Australian, the judge referred to the act simply as murder and said that “this had been a
great tragedy as the failure of the state to intervene before the murder has occurred, and that groups
relate to immigrant communities needs the most protection but they rarely get it

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