The Best Strategies for Adding A Vintage Look to Your Home


We all have different interest and taste. It can be that you like a vintage style to your house or you had a sudden inspiration to add a vintage look to your house. They are not difficult task you just have to change a few things.

Grouping Framed Pictures

You can simply create the look by changing your décor; one such is creating a wall full of photos of your circle of people framing them with a vintage border and grouping them on the wall; this not just brings out the look but also help remember all the precious moments you have had in your life.

Put Your Old Suitcase to Use

If you have old suitcase boxes place them on a nightstand or coffee table this will give a different meaning to the style you are going, place a lamp on top of it or candles and books to complete the look plus you have got extra storage to store away some of your things.


If you want to take it further you can try to fit new vintage doors, the double doors or you can even get a single door with a vintage decorative doorknob. You can change your awnings and fretwork to wooden ones. Along with the doors, you can even go for windows with maybe stained glasses or glassed windows with shutters, this may cost a little extra but if you are willing you can go for this too.


Old shutters can be a decorative piece too if there any old shutters you can hang them in the wall or you can place them on a mantle or use it as a frame.


If you have a mantle that you don’t use anymore, you can use them as a headboard, it’s better to go for neutral colours as this may allow many items that are placed on it to blend with your mantle. Some things you can place are small flower pot, maybe a frame of your loved one and an old piece of an alarm clock

Mason Jars

Place a lot of mason jars here and there, you can place flowers in it or use it as something to store coins and stamps and place them on the coffee table or over the mantle

Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are used to add an antique style to your house, you can get it as boxes that may be mounted on a wall. You can place a picture on it or you can place an old sculpture. Or you can create a seating area and by placing cushions on top of it you would be able to use it as a place to rest; you can place this piece either on the porch or backyard.

Another thing you can do is get old paintings; paintings of something historically significant and hang them on the wall in the living room.

You can even add an old lamp and a reading chair by the window to feel the vibe of the past.



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