Steps to Organize Your Closet


Your closet is a space that can easily get messy since you will frequently be using it and also you keep stuffing items inside it but never discard anything. So, here are some easy steps to organize your closet in no time.

Take A First Step

It is no secret to anyone that this is the environment where things tend to accumulate the most. No one can deny me that new things always come in, but we never worry about getting something out. So get to work and get everything out of the closet. Even what are not clothes, because in a closet we can find anything. It is like the place where we hide everything we do not know where to keep.

Discard And Conscious Selection

Next, you have to select what you need and don’t need it. Have designated places in the room so you can make separate piles for what you need, what you will discard, what you will donate, and what you will sell or give your younger cousins. Have you used it in the last year? Did you even remember you had something as such? Is it in good condition?

Do you like how you look in it? If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then, discard them. At some point we should all accept the need to let go. Do not save something just for nostalgia, commitment or just in case. Consider the possibility of donating things to someone who needs it. Or even to sell some clothes and get a financial reward.

Store In Order

After you’ve finally discarded the unwanted, you need to study your closet and find the balance between the physical space available and the quantity or types of clothing you have. Pick what clothes to hang on pole and what to fold and store in drawers or shelves. Hang the bigger jackets, suits and costumes in the corner that you won’t be using very often. Next hang the dresses, shirts and blouses. If you still have space available, go ahead and hang some T-shirts. Avoid hanging woolen sweaters and jerseys or any elastic garments as they may deform under their weight.

The priority and frequent clothes should be within easy reach. The smaller clothes such as underwear and socks can go in drawers while folded t-shirts can go on shelves. Buy boxes or containers to be kept on shelves and place your folded clothes inside them as per categories; pants in one, t-shirts in another, accessories in another etc. You can use the lock for sliding door knob to hang necklaces, belts, or scarves.

A Place For Everything And Everything In Its Place

It is very likely that if we do not have a defined place for some garment it will end up going around the wardrobe which can easily develop a chain effect. If you start disregarding the order, you will most definitely have a messed up closet in no time and you will have to clean it all up again. So, once you organize your closet, stick to the routine.



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