Stages Of Building A New Home



When you are financially ready to have your home built, the first thing you have to consider even before deciding on the contractor is hiring an independent and qualified home inspectors.

What does a home inspector do? A home inspector helps new home owners to make sure that the construction is going smoothly as possible and every stages and development is in compliance with codes and standards as applicable. With this, the home owner would have peace of mind since someone knowledgeable and construction expert is available to check if there are defects or mistakes that the builder is commiting.

A home inspector inspects the construction process by following these stages:

Slab Stage

The slab stage is also called as the pre-concrete pour stage. A stage inspections in Melbourne conducted by a home inspector is necessary for this stage because all components must be installed before the pouring of the concrete. These components include the pipes and wirings for mechanical, electricals and plumbing services such as fire alarm system, light system and public address speakers (if necessary).

The home inspector needs to make sure during the slab stage that the engineer’s design is followed by the builder and the slabs are free from any defects. This stage also includes structural inspection. This stage is crucial because most of the issues not resolved during this first stage affects the whole home in the future which could be avoided if dealt with beforehand.

Pre-Plaster Stage

With this stage, the home inspector would inspect if the window frames are located and installed right where you want the windows to be, the same with doors. Insulation in the walls must also be affixed by this stage. Works in the bathrooms must also be done by this stage. This includes the correct installation of shower bases and the baths are bolstered.

Pre-Paint Stage

Before your contractor starts with painting the interior and exterior of your home, most of the works should have been accomplished since painting the whole home is one of the finishing touches. One of the major things that your home inspector should survey is if all external works are done and areas needed waterproofing are done.

Handover Stage

Before the contractor handover your new home to you, the home inspector would conduct one final inspection. This is necessary to make sure the contractor has complied with the contract you both signed. This stage is considered the quality control check and includes checking the stairs and handrails, paint finishes, tiles, smoke detectors, drainage, etc. Once the inspector is satisfied with the builders’ workmanship, you would have peace of mind during the handover because all the stages and development of your new home have undergone a thorough inspection.

When you have a home inspector doing the surveillance in every stage, you would be ensured that even the smallest detail of your home construction is done the proper way. With this, it would also be easier to keep track of all the works and that every job by stages is done.

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