Responsibilities of a Health Service Assistant


If you’re looking for a career that would allow you to care and look after for patients in a hospital or any healthcare institution, being a health service assistant is one of the options you may want to consider. Your main duty is to bring comfort and help patients have a speedy recovery with your assistance.

Aside from being naturally caring and helpful, you should also be respectful and sensitive when dealing with the patients. Basically, you’ll be working under the supervision of other healthcare workers like doctors, nurses, midwives, and the others as well. Your tasks greatly depend on which area of specialization you’ll get assigned to. Before you can become a health service assistant, you’ll need an HLT33115 certification as the basic requirement. Here are the basic responsibilities and duties you’ll have when you plan to become a health service assistant.

Looking Out for Patients

Patients need a lot of support to help them through their recovery stage. As a health service assistant, it is your responsibility to look after their well-being. This includes basic support in moving around up to the most personal tasks such as helping them use the toilet and washing them up.

Fully Supporting Patients

Some patients are not capable of moving or walking around on their own because of their condition. It is your job to provide them support and help them go where they want to be. Maintaining a patient’s mobility helps a lot in keeping up his or her dignity and confidence. Aside from that, you’ll also need to help some patients on personal tasks such as eating, bathing, using the toilet, and a lot more. When you earn your patient’s trust, they will be more open in asking for your assistance enabling you to help them easier.

Being a Nurse Assistant

If you’re working in a big healthcare institution with so many patients, nurses would definitely need lots of help especially in doing the basic tasks such as recording patient information and helping them perform necessary tests for the patients. That way, more patients will be catered in a short span of time, making the healthcare institution more efficient in providing care to their patients.

Treatment Support and Assistance

Sometimes patients forget their treatment or therapy regimen especially when no one monitors it. As a health service assistant, it is your responsibility to provide support and assistance to patients in following and maintaining their therapy or treatment regimen. You could also help your patients feel more comfortable while receiving treatment, or help other healthcare professionals in administering the needed medications and therapy.

Listening and Talking to Patients

Being a good listener is an important trait for a health service assistant. You should be sensitive and observant to quickly sense and understand the patient’s needs and wants. Also, keeping them company for some time and talking to them helps ease their loneliness and inspire them to get well faster.

Being a health care assistant gives you variety in providing help and care for patients. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career, this is one of the jobs you should try out.


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