How to Protect Your Privacy?


Your privacy is of the highest importance and knowing what you can do to keep your private things private is also equally important. Because we deal with a lot of things online right now, we may not be able to protect our privacy as much as we expect or would like to do but the reality is that there are ample ways of getting this done, if we really think about what actions we are taking and are careful about it. How can you keep your privacy intact? Here are some things that you should think about.

Keep Yourself Educated

We often choose to simply sign up for things and click the I agree button because we think that that happens to be the only option. That however is not the case at all. You need to start referring the right sources for all your up to date news on privacy so that you can keep yourself educated. Knowing what options, you have as well as what you should and should not do will make all the difference in the amount of privacy that you can enjoy.

Stop Using Silly Passwords

123456 is not a password. Neither is your name, birthday or any other such obvious piece of information. Hackers and phishing attempts are abundant so if they are to attack your accounts, at least set up a strong password according to the recommendations that are suggested for you that will give hackers a run for their money. If it asks for lower- and upper-case letters along with numbers and symbols include all of them in your password and make sure that it is something that is never shared with anybody at all on any level. Password sharing is one of the worst mistakes that you can make when it comes to your privacy.

Try and Turn on Private Browsing

One of the other ways in which you can make sure that your privacy online is protected is by browsing incognito for instance depending upon the browser that you are using. This way nobody will have access to the last browsed tabs or the history and the cookies will also be deleted. This is a great way to browse for anything especially if you are using a device that is not your own. Do not trust people with the browser history of yours as they could use it for ulterior purposes.

Don’t Keep Your Passwords Saved on Your Mobile

We are now used to doing pretty much everything via our mobiles and it has definitely made out lives a lot easier. That said it also carries a significant threat to our privacy and security of sensitive information. Let us think for instance that your phone is lost. The person who steals it manages to hack into it and will not have access to your social media and even your financial accounts if your passwords and accounts are readily logged in and at the ready. It may be troublesome to constantly keep logging in and out but in order to protect your privacy you should be willing to do so.

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