How to make beer at home

How to Make Beer at Home?


The beer is a healthy beverage that we usually drink when having some fun with our friends. The beer has been around for many years. And the people in the previous age used to make the beer at home. However, the beer has become so cheap nowadays that nobody even thinks of making it at home. But there are many benefits to making beer at home.

And if you’ve decided to perform this task, you’re going to enjoy it a lot. If you have the home brewing supplies available at your home, you’d be able to make the beer within a quick manner.

How to make beer at home

The homebrewing is basically divided into two types such as all grain and extract. The sugars from the malted grains are used to make the beer. The brewer extracts the sugars from milled grains himself when they are making beer with all grain method. However, the ready-made malt extract is used to make the beer in extract brewing.


Here is the equipment you will need to make the beer at home:


  • Kettle
  • Sanitizer
  • Stir Spoon
  • Funnel
  • Fermenter + Air Lock
  • Recipe Kit
  • Auto-Siphon


Usually, these accessories are available in the beer making kit. So, you can use a kit to get rid of this problem. The cleanliness of the equipment matters a lot. Therefore, you must focus on sanitizing the equipment before starting the brewing process.


Use 2.5 gallons of water to fill your brew kettle. Steep your grains for 20 minutes as you heat the water. The water should drop out of the grain bag as you remove your grains. Avoid squeezing the bag as it will affect the taste of the beer.

Now, it’s time to add malt extracts to the kettle. Over boiling the extracts will affect the taste of the beer. After various intervals, you should add hops. Once the mixture is prepared properly, you should start reducing the temperature gradually. You can simply fill a sink with ice water and then place the pot in it.


Once the mixture is cooled down, you can pour it into the fermenter. Now, you should bring the level to 5 gallons by adding more water. Make sure that you splash the wort to aerate the container. Now, you can store the container in a cool and dark place by applying an airlock. After two weeks, you can fill the beer into the bottle. And then enjoy your favorite drink whenever you want.

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