How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Area for Your Kids


Outdoor spaces come with many benefits for your little ones that aren’t just restricted to physical well being. Especially with the dawn of technological development, more and more parents worry about the lack of outdoors in their child’s lives. One way to get them more excited about playing outdoors, however, is to create the Perfect outdoor play area! Here are some ideas you can use:

Active Play

Kids love to move about so your first course of action would be to clear out some space that allows for a range of physical activities. There are many toys for you to choose from that encourage active play like slides, skipping ropes and, from the right place, you could even buy cheap kids trampolines with Afterpay, amongst other toys.

Messy Play

Messy play might be quite hectic but the fact of the matter remains that it is an incredibly resourceful method of playing since it stimulates brain growth. This occurs since children undergo many sensory experiences during messy play that interacts with each of their five senses. The best sort of space would include substances like sand, pebbles, water etc. Installing a small sand pit and filling it with toys could be a great place to start!


Whomever said creativity has to be limited indoors? Finding ways to add resources outdoors will just excite your kid even more! It’s all about thinking outside the ordinary. For example, you could alwaysjust install something as mundane as an outdoor chalkboard or even just set up a small easel with some paints for them to play around with- after placing some old bedsheets over the ground of course.


Encourage your child to see magic in the ordinary. They’re at a stage where imaginative play is paramount to their brain development so make use of this. Tell them whimsical stories that you create based around a small garden of herbs or some potted plants. The sky is the limit so you can talk about anything from pirates to fairies and gnomes storming the garden.


The best part about playing outdoors is that you don’t need much resources to make it fun! There are so many things for your little one to observe and do. They can help you tend the garden, feed the birds, use binoculars or a magnifying glass for more observation! Your child will have a natural curiosity for this outside world so don’t try to inhibit it.


And of course every outdoor play area needs a secret space complete with nostalgic odd passwords and hushed whispers. Some families are lucky enough to have tree house but for those who lack the space, a cubby house would do the trick too! Children also tend to be quite fascinated with hammocks so if you do have the resources and the space, make sure to install one of these!

All these factors combined would make the perfect outdoor space for your child! With a space as interesting as this, it may prove difficult to get them back indoors!

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