How to Be an Awesome Plumber


Probably one of the most famous plumbers in the whole world is the Mario brothers. Yet these two are in the realm of fiction and entertainment, plumbing is still one of the least chosen career among young people. The stigma of technical vocational careers still persists even in today’s standard. The trend for young people today is for them to finish a four year degree and then work in corporate areas and pick careers that are either in the office or in the business setting, and that is not a bad standard.

But sad to say, not everyone falls into that category. Not everyone has the cognitive capability to pursue a college degree, or even the financial capacity to pursue and maintain the costs of college degree. That is where vocational careers enters the picture. With a vocational track young people could opt for a skill-based career as long as they train for the specialization of such.

An example would be plumbing, wherein high school graduate could train to become one and then get apprenticeship and then they could look for a job as a plumber, or they can use their credentials, certificates, and trainings to make their own plumbing business.

Here are some basic steps to become a plumber:


The very first step is for one to graduate from high school and start the technical and vocational training in basic plumbing. It may vary from state or countries, but the basics would be to enrol in vocational schools where they offer basic plumbing program. It could range from months to three years, but it includes all the basic and necessary skills to become a competent plumber. Not only that, one must pass the competency exam for plumbing before you could be given a certificate of completion for the said training program.


It may or may not be part of the training, but apprenticeship is one of the most vital parts of being a competent plumber. In apprenticeship, one learns how to handle their tools properly, and also the safety procedures and proper maintenance is emphasized. Also it can help in giving the professional the most valued factor in every career and that is, experience. There are places like Melton’s best plumber, where they offer extensive time for apprenticeships of each professional or student.

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More Advanced Trainings

Learning does not stop, as do with any other career or profession. What happens if a professional stops learning from their career experience is that they stagnate, and then their career is dead in the long run. What one should do is to put on more time in trainings and conventions so that one is still learning new methods, and approaches in their areas of expertise, even in plumbing.

In the end, one must also possess the passion and interest in any field of career that they choose. Work is an essential part of life, thus one must have a work that has a significant impact and gives meaning to one’s life.

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