How Do You Create the Best Corporate Video? A Small Business Owner’s Guide


Wanting to create a corporate video for your company is a good move. That’s why you’re here, looking for ways to make it amazing. You’ve hit the jackpot as we talked about everything you need to know and more!

Take Days

It should take you many days to come up with a concept. So, relax and take your time. You should run your ideas with colleagues so that they can help you filter things out. To ensure that you hit the nail on the head, keep track of all the ideas you’ve had. This will help you pick and choose sections, having the best of all of them.

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Illustrate Your Points

No matter how great of a concept you think you have, it would be useless if you’re unable to illustrate what you want to say. This should be done thoroughly as you’d tell customers why they should work with you. Going in depth and explaining these things is effective as you’ll answer any questions that may arise during your video.

Think About Your Script

With an idea and a plan on how to execute your points, you need a script. It would assign people and dialogue to thoughts, helping your vision come to life. Although you can have a hand in it, you shouldn’t create the script by yourself. Know that there are countless media firms that will do this for you. If you’re not a fan of this, trying drawing scenes out to make the job easier.

Remember everything that’s taking place should have context. Even though you know what’s happening, viewers may not. What’s being said should also have a clear beginning and an end as otherwise, everyone at home won’t be able to follow what’s happening.

Make It Look Great

You have a script, an idea and everything you need to actually start filming. Hopefully, you were wise about the people you chose. The crew should know a thing or two about creating corporate videos. If not, you’ll have no direction. If you work with someone who knows what they’re doing, you’ll feel more confident as well.

You won’t need a film crew for an animated video, obviously. Ensure that you work with animators that know how to draw attention and most importantly, have created corporate videos before.

Add an Extra Element to It

You need something to amp things up. Easily, if you’re working with a videographer, we think that taking drone shots is a must. Notably, this is correct and also agreed by the experts as aerial shots provide a perspective that is completely different from the rest of the video. What’s more, aerial shots look professional, so viewers would know you put a lot of effort into your work.

Where Will You Publish?

The internet is your best friend. Remember to publish your video on all social media platforms. If you really want to, you could have the piece only on the platform that has the most of your customers, but this isn’t as successful, even though it’s less time consuming.

Your video may be jaw dropping, but it may be especially received by a certain demographic from your customer base. For example, the millennials. So, have your work heavily sponsored on Instagram instead of something like Facebook.

No question about it, creating a corporate video can be tricky, however, our tips will help. The 6 essentials are sure to make your video great, so what’s stopping you from putting them to the test?

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