Everything you need to know about using a handbrake alarm system


If you are a driver who is always on the way or if you are managing a commercial fleet that is busy, it is imperative that you focus on the safety of the vehicles and the drivers. Working as a commercial driver is a hectic job and most of the time, the drivers will forget important things that contribute majorly to their safety.

With busy delivery dates, since they hurry around, there is a higher risk of accidents happening. A common safety concern that many drivers have to face is to forget to turn on the hand brake. Forgetting to pull the handbrake will bring in danger to the vehicle and even to the driver. To avoid such dangers, the best solution is to use a redarc handbrake alarm. Here is everything you need to know about using a handbrake alarm system:

How does the hand brake alarm work?

An alarm brake system identifies the state of the hand brakes. Thus, if the driver of the vehicle is exiting the vehicle without pulling the handbrake, the hand brake alarm will identify this and warn the driver. There will be an audible warning that will remind the driver to pull the hand brake.

The alarm that comes from this device will continue until the hand brake is pulled to guarantee the safety of the vehicle. A great feature about the hand brake alarm system is that they can be customized to fit the requirements. A message, the alarm tone, the language of the brake alarm system and other features of the alarm can be adjusted.

They are easy to install

If you want to have this great guarantee of safety when driving, it is needed that you have a hand brake alarm. However, many drivers are concerned about the time that is taken for the installation. If this is a concern that you have, especially when you have to install these alarms on multiple systems, there is no need to because the installation procedure is simple.

Helps in avoiding risks of injury

The best benefit that you gain from using a hand brake alarm is that it will avoid the risk of injury that comes with not pulling the hand brake. If you are a company, it will also provide you with benefits when it comes to the medical expenses that you have to pay for employee injuries.

Safety from legal issues

If the handbrakes aren’t applied when leaving the vehicle, there is a chance that legal action might be taken. When you are using a handbrake alarm, such risks will be completely avoided. Thus, it will also keep you or your company safe from any legal complications as well.

The delivers that you make, the driver satisfaction and the quality of your fleet services are enhanced when you are using a hand brake alarm system. To assure the safety, this is a much-needed addition that you need to make to your vehicles.



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