Everything you need to know about tire recycling and its benefits


In the present day, recycling has a major role to play in what the future of the planet will be like. Too much garbage collection in landfills and other problems that are causing pollution is a major issue that needs to be addressed.

A top issue that affects pollution is tires. Tires contribute to a large proportion of landfills and cause a lot of complications such as fire hazards as well. The best solution to pollution and the dangers that are caused by used tires is tire recycling. There is everything you need to know about tire recycling and the benefits that you get from using BSV Tyres:

What is tire recycling?

Tire recycling dates back to the 1900s. To a time where rubber cost as much as silver. As rubber waste has caused major pollution concerns in the modern day, it is needed that we take a step to reuse or the rubber that is present in the tires.

Many tend to burn used tires however, it is not advised to do so because it released toxic gas to the environment and it will lead to further pollution. The best way to dispose the rubber tires is to recycle them.

Making use of scrap vehicles

When you look into junk yards and landfills, they mostly consist of vehicle scrap. Rather than letting the rubber in the tires go to waste, they can be reeled to be used again. This will not only save the environment by lowering the landfills but it will also save a lot of money and energy that is used for the production of new materials.

When there are tires dumped in landfills, the risk of a fire is high. Rubber catching fire will bring in the above mentioned consequences as well.

To avoid breeding grounds

Used tires that are left in landfills become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and various other insects that can also be threat to the human health. Therefore, to avoid the spread of such insects and to guarantee that a safe environment will be maintained in your neighborhood is to recycle the tires rather than to let them hanging around. This creates a safer environment from various hazards.

Tyres are non-biodegradable and a threat to the environment

Another top reason why tires should not be let into the environment is because they are non-biodegradable. This means that they will last for years. This is because they are made to be durable. Again, this causes a major threat to the environment. Rather than leaving tires which will affect the environment majorly for years to come, there is no better solution than to recycle them so that we can make better use of them and their durability.

If you have tires which needs to be discarded, the best way to do so is to look for a recycling company that will make the best use of the tires and avoid a lot of trouble to the environment.




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