Australian immigration policies and the significance of Sydney for immigrants

Immigrants Violence

Australia is the land of opportunities. Its nation is built on immigration. I truly admire secret
government policy. Critiques say that it is cruel by its design, but they never compromise on
national integrity. The government says operation sovereign borders has deterred the human
smugglers and saved refugees lives.

Its proponents say that from its policy, Britain and Europe could learn from. If the Australia
could build a huge razor wire fence around the entire continent to keep tempest-tossed boat
people to keep out, these tactics would help would help them too. It’s a deliberate policy to
punitive deterrence unwanted refugees to banish indefinite offshore. Those people who have
sought refuge in Australia from war and persecution have protested against their conditions and
the policies from three years now.

In recent months, there have been clashes between anti-racism demonstrators and right wing
nationalists group in Sydney. Immigration ministry peter Dutton is particularly zealous
evangelist of a hard-line with silent policy. He is the most polarizing figure in Australian politics,
even the government have tried to silence whistle-blowers related to the hard asylum policies.
Australia has the highest migrants than any of other developed countries. Sydney is the fastest
migrant city with skilled workers from all across Asia and the other continents. This city has
most top rated universities in the world, its economic, and culture hub is famous indeed, there are
several other factors which attracts the immigrants to the this place.

There are evening shows, restaurants with an endless list of attractions to do. But it’s super
expensive to live here in this city. As Sydney is located on the harbor therefore it has a stunning
views with the best beaches that traveler could desire for. According to the government there is
an expectation that the residents to exceed up to 8 million by 2030 in Sydney and Melbourne.
The growth has driven rapidly ,this factor is leading to congestion problems in the Sydney along
with narrowing of infrastructure due to heavy transport and vehicles.

“Settling even with the slightly large number of migrants to the smaller states and to the regions
can take high pressure off from our big cities,” Mr Tudge briefs, in his speech on Tuesday. The
proposal is not detailed on this stage, but such visas can carry a “geographical requirement, for at
least a few years”. According to the statistics it is noted that currently about two-fifths of
country’s 25 million people lives in Melbourne and Sydney

Prof Peter McDonald a demographer at the Sydney University said that “the issue has extended
beyond migrants. In Australia the population has been run ahead of infrastructure. However the
research showed that the migrants have thrived in smaller communities with the strong
employment. Former Australian force chief, Roman Quaedvlieg said “imposition of visa
condition is an easy part. Enforcement will to be harder. Migrants will gravitate to the
opportunities and with amenities. It will not be possible to police the condition without the some
substantial resources. Both identifying breaches and sanctioning them.

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