An essential guide on designing wall graphics for your business.


Your business area should be designed to represent what your business is. To make this possible, it is crucial that you have the right decors to it. One of the best ways to create an environment and an interior that represents your business and also enhances the recognition of your business and brand is to use wall graphics.

Getting wall graphics should be done to meet with the best standards so that you can gain the best benefits from it. Here are some tips that you can follow on designing essential graphics Melbourne for your business:

Choose an expert team to work with

Whether you have a unique idea on how to design the wall graphics or not, it is needed that you work with a team of experts. If you don’t have an idea on how to design the wall graphics, when you work with the experts, their creativeness and experience in the field will certainly get you the best idea.

Furthermore, the idea that you have in your mind will be designed to come to a reality. These professionals also have the needed tools, software and machinery that will easily create your wall graphics so that you can start benefitting from it as soon as possible.

Do you have a newly painted wall?

If you have a newly painted wall, you will question if you should apply the graphics. The best thing to do is to delay the installation of the wall graphics for 14 days until the paint that has been applied onto the paint is dry. The reason why you should leave the paint 14 days is that paints which are zero VOC and low VOC have chemicals which will have 6 to 8 weeks to dry fully.

Can I install wall graphics on outdoor walls?

If you want to install wall graphics on the outdoor walls, you will have the question if they can be installed orders. The answer is that for as long as the outdoor surface that the graphic is being installed is clean and dry, you will have no trouble when installing the graphics.

Preparing the wall surface before installing a wall graphic

Before you install the wall graphics, if the wall has a texture of concrete or brick, it is important that you treat in a way that will prepare it for the graphics. The ideal type of wall that will be efficient for wall graphics is smooth. Therefore, it’s best that you take the necessary steps to smoothen the surface that is being used for the installation of the wall graphics.

After that, the area has to be thoroughly cleaned using a microfiber cloth so that the wall graphic will be easily installed without having any issues.

You can even work with the professionals so that they will take control of the entire procedure to avoid all troubles and to give the perfect outcome to the wall graphics that you are to install.



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