Advocating And Accepting Renewable Energy For Your Living Space


Have you heard of renewable energy? Maybe you know the meaning of the word, but you do not have a proper idea of what the whole phrase means. You might be thinking of wind power or something similar. There are several options when it comes to renewable energy and you also can use them in your own house and be an advocate for your friends and colleagues, influencing them to use it as well.

Wind Power

Although what we see most of the time is the huge wind turbines, it is possible to use the same energy source in a different, smaller scale at your house too. Energy produced by the wind is clean, cheap and renewable. Clearly, based on where your house is located and the way it is constructed whether you can go for a wind turbine will differ.

However, if you are still thinking of constructing a house or buying a land to construct a house, you can consider using wind power as an energy source. One problem with installing a small scale wind turbine is the capital. Although it won’t be an investment where you get a quick return, it will come, albeit slowly.

Geothermal Energy

This might sound like something serious and too scientific for a house to use, however this clean source of energy can supply power around the clock and the advantage is that there is no greenhouse gases emitted while doing so. It is generated from the Earth’s core heat. One other advantage is that the heat pumps can be fitted to existing systems as well. As opposed to any air conditioning unit, a heat pump emits almost no sound and there is no condensing unit required. Due to the common occurrence of heat in the Earth’s core heat pump can be installed in most of the places in Australia.

Power Of The Sun

Solar energy is not something new, it was known as renewable energy for a long time. However the installation cost used to be quite high and the panels were huge and cumbersome. Now there are roof tiles that can be installed by a reputed solarcell company. It is easier to set up and they are easy on the eye than the old panels.

Most of the companies will give you a lifetime guarantee on them. The cost of these shingles is also lower than the usual panels which were quite popular sometime back. This poses an opportunity for even the less-endowed to make use of natural resources such as sunlight to generate the necessary energy.

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It is said that to generate a liter of fuel it takes thousands of years, but to destroy it, you won’t even take five minutes. There are a lot of resources on this earth which if we go on using unsustainably, will run out pretty soon and without them, humans won’t be able to survive. Therefore, it is now time to resort to more and more renewable energy and help the Earth mother heal.



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