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RIP: 60 suspension training system uses individuals’ body weight at different angles to work wide variety of muscles groups, aiming at improving strength, balance, core control, flexibility as well as functionality. RIP: 60 design allows for a lot of versatility and easy set up and as a result suspension training system can be used anywhere, at the park, at your home or of course in your local gym. Suspension Training System allows replicating almost any exercise that you can do with free weights or cardio equipment but with at least half of your body suspended above the ground in an inherently unstable position. As a result you tend to work much more through your deep core muscles as well as engaging smaller stabilising muscles, which will not necessary be used to the same extend with the free weights or machines. On the other hand there is no lifting heavy weight from the floor, or other uncomfortable and awkward positions, making suspension training perfect for anyone with back pain. Suspension Training System is definitely not for someone looking at doing bodybuilding, but this training method is great for anyone looking at losing weight and increasing muscle tone, while reducing the risk of injury. Idealbody4life Personal Training team has been using Suspension Training System with some great results, helping many of our clients achieve their fitness goals sooner. If you would like to arrange a free consultation or to find out more please check out
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