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SHOP AT: FACEBOOK: FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE SUPERMAN | BATMAN SPIDERMAN | IRONMAN CAPTAIN AMERICA | HULK BLACK PANTHER | DEADPOOL FLASH GORDON | WINTER SOLDIER Suit up to prevent serious injuries, SAVE $$$ by AVOIDING specialist medical bills / weeks off work / physio / prescription medicine. The premium alternative to Under Armour. The worst feeling in the world is being trapped in a heavy cotton t-shirt drenched in sweat. If you're into bodybuilding, running, cycling, CrossFit, basketball, cycling, or you're just a heavy sweater, you know that feeling. At SuperHeroes we found a better way in the form of compression shirts. It is a muscle-hugging top that reduces muscular vibrations to improve performance while training, increasing blood flow to the compressed area to prevent fatigue, serious injuries and keep you going longer. Pick from a wide selection of favorite Marvel & DC superhero compression workout shirts and start repping as your favourite hero both inside and out of the gym.
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