Sydney phones & computers for sale :Sell computers, desktops, laptops, tablets & iPADs in Sydney
Computers for Sale. Buy & sell used computers, printers, re-fills & modems. Desktop, tablets & laptop computers for sale in Sydney.

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Computers for sale : Sydney : Phones for sale

Buy & sell computers, parts & mobile phones in Sydney :

• Sell desktops & laptops in Sydney
• Sell new & secondhand mobile phones in Sydney • Sydney iPADs, tablets and notebooks for sale
• Buy, recycle or sell printers & ink cartridges
• Sell keyboards, modems & USBs
Recycle computers & computers parts in Sydney
"I advertised a computer for sale recently and after a bit of email back and forth the buyer came, saw and bought.

Sometimes it takes patience waiting for the right buyer to come along.


Beware of Frauds

The best protection against scammers is local Sydney face-to-face inspection & trading.

Sydney Exchange only seeks to publish ads from local Sydney advertisers.

It is almost certain that anyone who is from overseas or interstate or wants to refer you from some other distant party is a FRAUD.

Any enquiry which mentions shipping, western union, cashier’s cheques and the like should be regarded immediately as fraudulent.

Sydney Exchange recommends you NEVER deal with, respond to and report any suspicious advertiser or response.

Use the secure mail system – protect yourself!
"I listed my laptop for sale.

Within 2 hours it was sold and I had the cash in my hot little hands !!!!!!!!

Scott B.
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