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Pet Goods and Accessories : Sydney

Buy and sell either new or used animal goods and pet goods and accessories in Sydney.
"Thank you Sydney Exchange for getting a new home for our Toy Poodle.

- Terry S.

BUY or SELL :-

Dog accessories: kennels, dog leads, dog collars, dog bowls, shampoo, dog toys, dog treats and dog baskets
Cat accessories : scratching posts, carriers, cat bowls, baskets, cat toys, cat pillows and cat brushes
• Small animal hutches and runs for rabbits and guinea pigs
Bird cages, bird aviaries and bird toys
Mice and rat cages and accessories – feeders, bowls, water bottles
Pony and horse saddles, horse bridles and halters, pony rugs and horse grooming tools
Fish tanks and aquarium goods and supplies – tank lights, water filters, fish tanks stands
Reptile supplies – turtle tanks, vivariums, heating, lighting, pumps
"I put my dog up for sale and had the buyer call within 10 minutes and pick her up within the hour.

-Clyde W.

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