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Pet Goods and Accessories : Sydney

Buy and sell either new or used animal goods and pet goods and accessories in Sydney.
"I put my dog up for sale and had the buyer call within 10 minutes and pick her up within the hour.

-Clyde W.

BUY or SELL :-

Dog accessories: kennels, dog leads, dog collars, dog bowls, shampoo, dog toys, dog treats and dog baskets
Cat accessories : scratching posts, carriers, cat bowls, baskets, cat toys, cat pillows and cat brushes
• Small animal hutches and runs for rabbits and guinea pigs
Bird cages, bird aviaries and bird toys
Mice and rat cages and accessories – feeders, bowls, water bottles
Pony and horse saddles, horse bridles and halters, pony rugs and horse grooming tools
Fish tanks and aquarium goods and supplies – tank lights, water filters, fish tanks stands
Reptile supplies – turtle tanks, vivariums, heating, lighting, pumps
"This is a good site. I use it often to advertise pets.

- Ben W.

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