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Benefits of Wearing Prayer Beads (Rudraksh): - o Mitigates the past reactions of karmas. o Protects against ominous accidents and unfortunate events o Cures the influence of adverse planets o Aids in memory and decision making o Minimizes stress and relaxes the mind o Attracts Wealth o Controls stress, hypertension and blood pressure o Increase self-power o Gives peace of mind to the wearer, stimulates the mind and sharpens the intellect o Balances the chakras and heal diseases in the body o Removes chakra blockages, and leads the wearer to both personal & professional success o For good health, holy beads means ensuring good health o Shields negative energy: The blessed seed just acts like as a protective barrier against the negative energies. o Good for meditation: It is profusely used in meditation and prayer. o It means to ensure good luck, sound health, wealth, success, and removal of evils. o Enhance memory o BP management: It is associated with electro-magnetic properties, which is good in controlling of blood pressure. It helps to release heat from the body thus good in relaxation. o Peace and harmony Price : $ 100/- Contact : Nagaraj on 0406705079
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