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Lost & Found. If you have lost or found something in Sydney try a free ad!

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Sydney Lost and Found Notices

Find your lost camera, wallet or pet in Sydney! Place a free lost and found notice.
"I would reccommend Sydney Exchange Classifieds to my friends.

I thought it would be hard to advertise but now I will be using this service when I want to sell something.

Thank you for letting me be part of a good experience.

Regards, Ken Y.

FOUND something? Click SUBMIT to let its owner have a chance to be re-united. Use as much detail as you can.

LOST something? Post an ad to tell people about it – be specific using as many details as you can. A pic would be great too!

How do Sydney Lost and Found ads work ?

Here is an actual eg. A pet bird escaped. The family advertised that they had lost a bird giving the time and date and they also uploaded a picture of the lost bird. Meanwhile, the bird had landed at another families house and they took it in and cared for it. This family searched online for lost birds – saw the owner’s ad and hey presto!

Over the years there have been many different things that people have been advertised. Lost and found items including lost dogs, lost cats, lost cameras, lost wallets, lost backpacks – you name it!

It’s free. Why not try? Good luck!
"Another quick and easy (and free) sale via Sydney Exchange - sold item overnight for a good price.

Hassle-free service,

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