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Sydney Garage Sales

Advertise a Sydney garage sale or find local garage sales!

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"I searched for garage sales in Google.

I figured if I could find it that easily then others would too.

We sold over $550 worth of goods at our garage sale!

- LE

Tips : Garage sales

• Take care with your ad - make sure you include the date, place and time of your garage sale
• A picture will draw attention to your garage sale ad and allow you to feature premium items
• Advertise your garage sale as early as possible – an ad placed a couple of weeks before will definitely draw a larger crowd than one placed the day before as people plan their time
• Take advantage of the generous ad copy allowance. If you advertise a garage sale in the papers and are paying for each line one naturally tends to skip on the details of what you are selling. You don’t have to do that on Sydney Exchange – mention as many sale items as you like
• By advertising early and adding item details people conducting web searches will be drawn to your garage sale ad and you will get a far better turnout on the day of the sale
• If you are concerned about people coming around before the sale leave the street no off until a couple of days before and then use the edit feature – early bargain hunters are a pretty unavoidable feature of garage sales so realistically you won’t ever teach people manners.......
"Came across Exchange Classifieds whilst looking for somewhere to advertise our garage sale.

What a bloody good idea it was too..

Placed an ad and no joke it was like the Myer stocktake sale, we did very well.

Our customers came from all over the State.

- Sharon

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