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"My line manager told me about Exchange Classifieds, I sold my scooter within 24 hours.

I got a response within 2 hours of the ad appearing. I would definitely recommend, it worked for me!

This will be my first consideration with future advertising.

- Laura E


"Used once, but definately going to use again. I advertised and was called on my mobile as I included a number on my ad.

Still going to sell a scooter on the site.

Will be back & recommending to others.

I found out through the defense network exchange.

- C. Walker


"Sold my bike. I would recommend your service to others, FRS


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MOTORBIKES & SCOOTERS FOR SALE, Sydney. Free ads. Buy & sell motorbikes, bike parts & accessories in Sydney. Advertise a bike or scooter for sale in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

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$4,950 Hayabusa 2007
• Motorbike • For Sale • Suzuki • Manly • $4,950 • 0418552394
$4,950 Hayabusa 2007 model Hayabusa iridium screen, HID light upgade, 4 into racing Yoshimura exhaust system, upgraded levers, LED upgraded rear tail lights, K & N air filter, I have owned since 20,000kms, now has 130,000kms on the clock, oil and filter change ever 5000"kms major services done on time every time by Lloyd Penn Motorcycles running strong, still has full compression. In the hayabusa club world wide there are bikes with over 200,000kms that have not been rebuilt. ... more
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Ad No 97175
Posted Wed 26 Nov 08:26
LOTS and LOTS of people Google this page. Make SURE your ad is on it!


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